In order to export Invoices to Quickbooks Desktop -- we have built an exporter. 

1. Confirm Items match within Quickbooks and Monograph
Ensure you have Items in Quickbooks Desktop that match how you are going to create your invoice through Monograph

  • By Role

  • By Phase

  • By Activity

If you're invoicing by any of these item types, make sure you have each item type from Monograph as an Item within Quickbooks Desktop

2: Export to CSV

On the "Preview Your Invoice" screen you will see the multiple options to "Export CSV" including Quickbooks Desktop

3. Open Import Invoice

While in Quickbooks Desktop, click on File > Import > Transactions > Invoices

4. Confirm AR Account (Copy/Paste into Monograph Export)
In the Import modal, click the drop-down under AR Account and choose the appropriate account > Copy/Paste that info into the exported CSV file under AR Account for all fields

6. Confirm Invoice Number

Ensure the Invoice Number in the Monograph CSV does not already exist as a number within Quickbooks Desktop. If so, change it prior to this process.

7. Copy/Paste CSV
From Monograph copy/paste directly into Quickbooks Desktop Import modal and confirm Invoice is available in QBD

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