If you are considering or preparing for implementing Monograph for your team, here is an overview of how to manage the process.


In order to get the most out of Monograph, it is important that your firm is prepared to use Monograph's timesheets. Monograph was built to improve the way firms are able to understand the current state of their projects and business. Keeping track of your firm's time means you'll be able to understand your business and your effectiveness at estimating project scope, project risk, and overall business health.

Evaluation Team

While Monograph is very simple to implement, we believe it's important to have a dedicated point person in your firm that can ensure a smooth transition. Depending on your structure this might be a Principal, Studio Director, Office Manager, Finance Director, or a Senior Project Manager.

The dedicated point person will be responsible for:

1. Scheduling a 1:1 onboarding with Monograph team

2. Reading through the getting started guide

3. Assisting the team as they start to use the app

Great "change management" begins with clear lines of communication for feedback and awareness. For larger teams, consider involving the following stakeholders in your evaluation period:

  • Executive level sponsors - typically CEO or COO.

  • Senior Project Management Leads - typically Project Managers that will be impacted by the new roll-out

  • Accounting / Bookkeeping - We have integrations with Quickbooks but it's helpful to let your Accounting department know what to expect from changes to existing workflows.

  • Project Teams - These team members will be involved in the day to day usage of the application.

  • Marketing / Business Development - Adding these team members will provide them with visibility into current projects and up-to-date resource allocation in order to assemble project teams for proposals.

  • Administrative Teams -- You may have various stakeholders here that can provide feedback based on their day to day exposure to Monograph

During the Evaluation

During the free evaluation period, you'll want to make sure you and your team are using Monograph on a daily basis. This is the best way to get full feedback from your team and send questions to our team.

Here are the critical items to complete during your evaluation:

1. Add projects - We recommend you start with the newest active project in your pipeline and any proposals.

2. Add team - invite users who will need to do various tasks ranging from invoicing, project management and invoicing

3. Add time - motivate your team to enter their time daily into their timesheets, this will really help you see the power of management in the app

4. Create an invoice - walk through the settings and create an example


Be sure to subscribe to Monograph before your trial expires if you'd like to continue. You can do so in by going to "Settings" on the main menu, followed by "Billing" on the navigation menu.

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