Monograph will allow you to organize different phases of a project by linking them together. Once phases have been linked, changing the end date of a phase will automatically push all the succeeding phases to the future.

Such as, if you want to allow more time for a phase titled "Proposal" to flesh out, you can extend the end date of the phase. This will extend the beginning and end date of all the succeeding phases.

You can link a phase while creating a project. You can also link or change the link to a phase after the project has been created.

Once you have have added phases to a new project, you may link each phase by using the "Linked Phase" dropdown menu within each of the phases.

💡 For more information regarding projects and phases please visit Planning your Project, Phases + Budget for additional resources

1. Select Projects from the main menu, then click on the specific project. Now click "Edit" to edit details.
2. From the current Project Planner page select the phases you would like to link together from the drop down menu within each phase.

3. Changes will be saved automatically, click "Done" when you have finished linking phases to exit.

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