At Monograph we are architects building software for architects and the best part of our job is helping you be successful with our app. There are no additional fees for training or supporting you and your team during your onboarding journey.

We provide all our users with support via:

Data Migrations

For organizations with 20 or more users, options are available for migration of past data, such as previous project information or timesheet entries. For further information please reach out to us directly.

Should you wish to schedule a call to discuss the details for migrating data, we will review the current options and associated costs with you.

The cost of migration is provided on a case-by-case scenario due to varying factors, such as the quality, complexity, and amount of data you would like transferred into Monograph. A timeline of completion will be provided only after receiving a sample of your data.

🚨 Data migration options are currently only available to organizations or 20 or more users. For best practices on adding in past data directly into Monograph, check out Getting Started Guide for Admins

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