Timesheet mistakes happen! As an admin you'll have timesheet editing permissions, allowing you to reject or approve submitted timesheets.

Rejecting or Accepting Timesheets within a Project

1. Click on "Projects" on the main menu.

2. From the project list, click on the project within which the timesheet has been submitted.

3. Next, click on Timesheets

4. Select the workweek for which the timesheet was submitted.

5. A submitted timesheet is approved by default. To reject a timesheet entry, click on the Reject button for the entry you would like to reject. This will add a red hatch over the entry, indicating it has not been approved.

You may notify the user, by using the mail icon next to their name to send them a message. Otherwise, they will see the red hatch on their timesheet as well.

6. To approve an entry after adjustments, simply click on "Approve".

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