Project Management

  • Budgeting — The ability to prepare a budget with a pre-defined margin

  • Phases — Add phases to your project with hourly or fixed budgets

  • MoneyGantt — Visualize phases on a Gantt chart with Milestones and Budget remaining vs Budget Spent

  • Task Management — Keep track of tasks assigned to team members

  • Collaboration — Add comments to tasks

  • Milestones — Create and Keep track of Milestones per Phase

  • Role-based Staff Management — Assign Roles to projects in order to keep track of staff with multiple roles on a project

  • Sharable Gantt -- Share your gantt chart with other stakeholders.


  • Keep track of billable and non-billable hours with your staff

  • Use Timesheets to create Invoices

  • Timesheets keep the MoneyGantt up-to-date so you keep track of project performance

  • Keep track of expenses

  • The timer allows you to stop / start new time entry


  • Integrations with Quickbooks Online

  • Exports for Quickbooks Desktop, Xero

  • Create invoices according to Activities, Roles, ore Phases

  • Keep track of Billed and Paid Invoices


  • Forecasts for Organizational Revenue

  • Staff Utilization reports

  • Export CSV for imports into PowerBI, Data Studio

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