We are constantly working to make time tracking as easy as possible for you and your team. If you need to enter your time while on the go through your mobile device, you'll be able to do so through a browser window.

How to Enter Time on Timesheet Through Mobile Device

  1. On your mobile device (tablet or phone), open a browser window*

  2. Type in app.monograph.com and log in with your username + details

  3. Next, navigate to your timesheet

  4. To add new entries, search at the top and select the project or overhead

  5. To edit existing entries, tap on the drop downs of on the numbers

Things You Should Know

  • The feature is compatible with most tablets and smartphones. Devices older than 5 years might not be compatible.

  • We recommend using Google Chrome for the best experience. Google Chrome is a free app that can be downloaded through the app store on your device.

  • Other areas of the Monograph app are not mobile-friendly yet and will not display appropriately. For making adjustments to schedules, fees, etc please use a computer.

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