Most individuals will experience two types of reimbursable expenses while working at a firm.

  • Project Related - meaning your client will be billed for the expense, such as meals and travel.

  • Overhead Related - meaning your firm will cover the cost of the expense, such as a benefit or refund for licensure materials.

To add project-related expenses see this guide, and for overhead expenses see the steps below.

How to Add a Reimbursable Overhead Expense to Your Timesheet

  1. Navigate to your current Timesheet, click on the drop-down next to "Add Overhead", and select the overhead type.

2. Next, click on the number field to type the number of hours related to this expense (if applicable) and the description

3. Click on "Add Expense" to select the category, add a note and upload a receipt if needed.

4. Click Done and that's it. Your expense will now be shared with whoever reviews the timesheets.

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