The new Resource page is a powerful tool that enables firms to manage their teams' allocations—buckets of time for a particular user on a particular project phase (and often in a particular role).

Generating your Resource Schedule

Click the "Create Resource" button to display the available options. Alternatively, if a schedule has already been generated, the button will display "Update Schedule" instead. See the section on "Generation" for more details.

Step 1: No projects, timesheets, or allocations

When a user first signs up for Monograph, and before they have input any data whatsoever, the Resource view will display a welcome modal with a list of actions the user can take to enable the population of the Resource itself.

The main call to action, assuming no projects have been created, is to create a project.

It is important to note that a user has to create a project, at least one phase, assign at least one team member, and allocate that team member some hours/budget in the project planner before the option to generate a schedule on the Resource will be available.

Step 2: Project(s), but no timesheets or allocations

Once the user has created at least one project/phase/role and allocated some amount of time/budget to that role, when they revisit the Resource page the generate popup will be displayed with the "Assignments" option enabled.

Current week before generating allocations by "Assignments."

Selecting the "Assignments" option in the popup yields the first allocation and schedule.

Current week's schedule

Since we've now created an allocation, the "Allocations" generate option will be available in the following weeks popup, in addition to the "Assignments" option.

Next week's schedule; the "Allocations" option is now available.

Step 3: Timesheets

Once a user or their team begins tracking time, the ability to generate a current or future schedule based on their tracked time is available.

Allocating Hours

Creating an Allocation

To create an allocation click on the "Add +" button below a user's name, search for the project by name or number, and click the appropriate phase from the dropdown.

đź’ˇ Creating an allocation will also add that specific project/phase/role to their timesheet unless it already exists. See Timesheets & Resource article.

Updating an Allocation

To update an allocation, hover over the number in the circle to the right of the card and use the popup increment/decrement buttons to adjust the value. Alternatively, you can type directly in the number input itself. If you need to allocate an amount of less than an hour (0.5 hours, etc)., you will need to type directly in the number input.

đź’ˇ Updating an allocation will simultaneously update the allocation on the user's timesheet entry, and the total allocated hours. This will not affect any tracked time. See Timesheets & Resource article.

Deleting an Allocation

To delete an allocation, hover the hourly value inside the circle to the right, decrease the hours until there are 0 hours remaining, and click the red "x" that appears to remove the allocation.

đź’ˇ Deleting an allocation from a user will also remove that allocation from their timesheet unless they have already tracked time/notes/expenses against that particular project/phase/role.

The reverse is also true—removing a project/phase/role with an allocation from your timesheet will also remove it from your column on the Resource page.

Zeroing Out an Allocation

To zero out an allocation, hover the hourly value inside the circle to the right and decrease the hours until there are 0 hours remaining. You can also manually type in "0" in the hourly value.

This will allow you to remove the allocated hours and will prevent the originally suggested allocations from repopulating if you have to regenerate Resouce for the week.

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