Resource is a powerful tool that enables you to manage your team's schedule and allocations for each user and project.

The video above provides a visual overview of how to use Resource weekly to build your team's schedule.

🎓 Continue reading below for a general overview, which includes links to the appropriate guides specific with step-by-step instructions for each section.

Who Can Use Resource

Click on Resource from the left side menu to open this week's schedule, and use the arrows to go to past or future weeks.

Everyone has access to view Resource, but depending on a user's permission settings, they'll be able to access different information.

📚 Click here for more information on Who can See, Generate, and Adjust Resource.

How to Navigate Through Resource

If you have a large team or a lot of projects, your Resource dashboard will contain a lot of information. So to make it easier to view and sort, we've built in a few controls, including the ability to hide financial information.

📚 Check out our guide to Navigating, Filtering & Viewing Resource to learn how to navigate and adjust your view.

Resource Generation Methods

Resource gives you the flexibility to populate your team's project assignments using three different generation methods - Past Schedule, Past Timesheets, and Project Assignments.

📚 Read the Selecting a Generation Method in Resource guide for more details on each method to discover which works best for your team.

How to Customize Schedules in Resource

After generating Resource for the week, you can add and adjust allocations as needed to further customize your team's schedule.

📚 Refer to the Allocating and Adjusting Time guide to better understand the allocation cards and how to use them.

Resource and Timesheets

Once you've gone through the process of allocating time for individuals on projects, their timesheets will automatically sync to show those projects and phases to save time.

📚 Learn more about Coupling Timesheets & Resource here.

Regenerating Resource

If you generated Resource using the wrong method or decided that method wasn't a good fit, it can easily be regenerated!

📚 Click here for details on how to Regenerate Your Resource Dashboard.

💡 Is Resource not working? Check out this guide for more information. If you're still having trouble, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager or email for assistance.

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