What do you mean by the generation method?

When you click on "Create Schedule" and select a method (Past Schedule, Past Timesheets, Project Assignments) it will run the script to populate the weekly overview, which will allow you to plan the week for your team's project assignments.

Want to know who can generate Resource? Click here for more information on permissions and visibility within Resource.

Types of Generation

There are 3 ways you can generate the Resource dashboard.

The first two generation methods (Past Schedule & Past Timesheets) will sequentially check the past 4 weeks. This means if there are no allocations or consumed time for the immediate past week, it will check for the previous week, and so on until it reaches the 4th previous week. If no data is found from any of those weeks it will remain empty.

  1. Past Schedule: This will create a schedule of allocations for the selected week based on the allocated time from the previous week.

    1. For example, if Jill had 8 hours allocated to working on Mendoza Residence last week, this week she will start with 8 hours as well. You will only be able to use this if you have previously used the Resource planner.

  2. Past Timesheets: This will create allocations for the selected week based on entered time for the previous week, ignoring previous allocations and overheads.

    1. For example, if Jill was allocated 8 hours on Mendoza Residence but logged 12 hours on her timesheet, using this method means she will be allocated 12 hours for this week.

  3. Project Assignments: Creates allocations for the selected week based on project assignments within the Project Planner. It will look for active project phases within the date range, where an individual has been added to a phase with a role and hours.

    1. For example, is Jill is assigned as a Project Manager for the Schematic Design phase of the Mendoza Residence. The SD phase is from January 2021 - March 2021 and she has 100 hours total allocated.

      1. If that phase is PAUSED, she will not be allocated any hours during that time period in the Resource Planner.

      2. If Jill is assigned a role in the Project Planner, but not allocated hours, it will not appear in Resource Planner.

How often can I run the generation of Resource?

You can run the "Create Schedule" generation as many times as you like and can try different methods on the same Resource week. You can also run the generation for upcoming weeks, as long as you have permission to do so. Please note that if you generate Resource for upcoming weeks, you will need to re-generate if you make changes to projects that should be reflected in those weeks.

Each time to run the generation, we remove all allocations for that week that have no consumed time, notes, or expenses and re-create the allocations based on whatever method was selected.

This means you can run the "Past Schedule" method, then the "Past Timesheets" method, and revert back to the "Past Schedule" version by running the "Past Schedule" method again or simply clearing all suggested allocations.

If you'd like to remove a user from the schedule for the week, zero out the user by changing their hours to "0" for each applicable project. Then, if you need to re-regenerate Resource, they will not re-appear with the originally suggested allocations.

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