Resource gives you the flexibility to populate your team's project assignments using three different generation methods.

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Types of Generation Methods

There are three ways to generate the Resource dashboard. Click on Create Schedule to choose from the options Past Schedule, Past Timesheets, or Project Assignments.

Past Schedule

This option will create a schedule of allocations for the selected week based on the allocated time within Resource from the previous week.

  1. For example, if Jill had 20 hours allocated to working on Mendoza Residence and 20 hours allocated to working on 165 11th St. last week, this week she will start with 20 hours allocated to both projects as well. This option is only available if Resource has been used within the past 4 weeks.

Past Timesheets

This option will create a schedule of allocations for the selected week based on entered time in Timesheets for the previous week.

  1. For example, if Jill was allocated 20 hours on Mendoza Residence but only logged 12 hours on her timesheet, she will be allocated 12 hours to that project for this week instead of 20.

Project Assignments

This option will create a schedule of allocations for the selected week based on project assignments within the Project Planner, as well as consumed hours for each project. It will look for active project phases within the date range, where an individual has been added to a phase with a role and hours.

  1. For example, if Jill is assigned as a Project Manager for the Schematic Design phase of the Mendoza Residence for the SD phase from September 1 - October 30, and she has 120 hours total allocated:

    1. Resource will allocate ~15 hours per week for each week during the duration of the phase, which will decrease based on the hours worked if Jill works more than 15 hours on the phase in a given week.

🎓 Past Schedule and Past Timesheets will sequentially check the past 4 weeks. This means if there are no allocations or consumed time for the immediate past week, it will check for the previous week, and so on until it reaches the 4th previous week. If no data is found from any of those weeks, Resource will remain empty.

Allocating Hours

After generating Resource using one of the methods above, further refine the schedule by allocating and adjusting hours as needed.

📚 To learn more about how to allocate and adjust hours in Resource, continue reading here.

Regenerating Resource

Was Resource generated using the wrong method or do you want to test out different options? No problem! Resource can be regenerated as many times as necessary by clicking on Update Schedule and selecting the new generation method.

If a project is added or adjusted after Resource is generated for the week, or if Resource is generated for upcoming weeks, it will need need to be re-generated if the changes should be reflected in those weeks.

To note: regenerating Resource will not override any cards that have been manually added or adjusted. Suggested allocations will appear with a grey flag in the upper right corner, while manually adjusted allocations will not.

If a user should be excluded from the schedule for the week, zero out the user by changing their hours to "0" for each applicable project. Then, if Resource is regenerated, the user will not re-appear with the originally suggested allocations.

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