If you have a large team or a lot of projects, your Resource dashboard will contain a lot of information, to make it easier to view and sort we've built in a few controls. Plus the ability to hide financial information.

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Moving Between Weeks

Week-to-Week: Clicking the left and right arrows cycles between weeks.

Selecting a Date Range: Alternatively, clicking on the date itself enables the date picker. Selecting any date will move you to that week.

Past, Current & Future: As you move through different weeks, you'll see a tag to remind you if you are in the past, present or future.

Sorting & Filtering

Ordering Projects

We default to ordering projects by Name. Select the "Sort by" to toggle the order of projects for all user columns between Project Number and Project Name.

Filtering by Project

Use the dropdown to select a single project name, this will show all phases associated with the selected project.

Filtering by Category

Utilize the dropdown menu to select a category - this will showcase any projects associated with that category. Note: You cannot select a category and select a project at the same time.

Viewing Options

Changing the Layout

We default to the column view which shows an individual and the projects/phases assigned to them.

Column View (|||)

You can use the toggle to switch between a column-based, Kanban-style layout and a row-based, grid-style layout.

Row-based, Grid View (≡)

Hiding Financial Information

If you are sharing your screen with your team and would like to temporarily hide project financial information you can toggle on/off the "Financials" button on the right corner, more information here.

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