The Resource Planner is an amazing place for your team to gather around and review their work for the week. Once you've gone through the process of allocating time for individuals on projects, their timesheets will automatically sync to show those projects and phases to save time.

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How Timesheets & Resource Interact

  1. Every allocation in a user's column on the Resource Planner is also an entry in their timesheet. If you assigned Mila to work on Residence A, Schematic Design then this project will appear in their timesheet.

  2. Individual users will still need to review their timesheets. While we take the work out of having to search and add the project/phase, you will still need to add the actual hours, activity, and description to your timesheet.

  3. Changing a user's allocations on the Resource dashboard can change their timesheet but will not delete any previously entered data.

  4. Overheads are now shown within Resource. If you are taking a holiday, leave or time not associated with a project, you'll need to add that to your timesheet so that it reflects on your Resource tab.

How Actions within Resource Reflect into Timesheets

Below is an overview of how different actions that you can take within the Resource Planner will sync with the timesheet and what you can expect to see.

Creating an Allocation of Time

In Resource: You create an allocation by clicking on the "Add +" button below a user's name, searching for the project by name or number, and clicking the appropriate phase. The image below shows the 3 states.

In Timesheet: Creating an allocation will also add that specific project/phase/role to their timesheet unless it already exists in the timesheet.

Updating an Allocation

In Resource: You update an allocation by hovering over the number in the circle and use the popup increment/decrement buttons to adjust the value or typing the number. In the image below, we have increased Elaine's hours from 2 to 12.

In Timesheet: Updating an allocation in Resource will simultaneously update the information on the user's timesheet. In this example, Elaine's timesheet has now been updated to show 12 allocated hours.

The allocation number is here only as a guide of the budgeted hours that have been assigned. It does not prevent the user from entering less or more hours to their timesheet.

Deleting an Allocation

In Resource: Delete an allocation by clicking on the subtraction sign in the allocation wheel until the red "x" appears. In this example, Elaine 12 hour allocation to work on

"1234 Mission" has been removed.

In Timesheet: Deleting an allocation from a user will also remove that allocation from their timesheet unless they have already tracked time/notes/expenses against that particular project/phase/role.

The reverse is also true—removing a project/phase/role with an allocation from your timesheet will also remove it from your column on the Resource page.

Zeroing Out an Allocation

In Resource: Zero out an allocation to remove a user from the schedule for the week by clicking on the subtraction sign in the allocation wheel until the red "x" appears. In this example, Elaine's 12-hour allocation to work on "1234 Mission" has been zeroed out, so their suggested allocations won't reappear if you have to regenerate Resource for the week.

In Timesheet: Zeroing out an allocation from a user will not remove that allocation from their timesheet.

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