Assigning roles within a project is a crucial step to ensuring the most accurate and up-to-date data is reflected within Monograph. When a role is not assigned, certain metrics and features including the Money Gantt will not reflect up-to-date information.

There are moments when a timesheet entry may be submitted by a team member with a missed role assignment, when this occurs you may follow the steps below to audit these entries and ensure the correct roles are assigned within all projects.

To correct the time already entered and prevent it from occurring in future entries, you must do both steps below.

How to assign the user a project role in the Project Planner

1. Click on Projects from the main menu, followed by clicking on the specific project you are looking to assign a role to, then click "Edit" on the top right corner - this will open the Project Planner.

2. For each phase listed identify the team members who do not have a role assigned to them and add an appropriate role. This should be done for all phases within the project where a role is not assigned to a team member.

3. Changes will save automatically, click "Done" on the top right corner when you've assigned roles to all team members.

Applying a role here will ensure future time entries have a billable rate, but you'll need to move to the Timesheet Audit page to adjust prior entries.

How to use the Audit Timesheets page to adjust past entries

1. You will find the Audit Timesheets page by clicking on Timesheets from the main menu, followed by the Audit Timesheets tab. You must have certain permission levels in order to reach the Audit Timesheets page, should you have any questions please contact your Admin.

2. Select the appropriate filters to sort the data generated.

The Audit page provides several filter options:

  • No Roles: This will include all users that do not have a role assigned to them on any/all projects

  • No Activities: This will include all entries that do not have an activity associated with time entered on a timesheet

  • All: This will include both entries with no roles and no activities

  • Filter Project: This will reflect all missed entries by a specific project only

  • Filter Person: This will reflect all of the missed entries by a specific user

3. Once you've isolated the specific time entries you'd like to adjust, click on the "Role" dropdown menu and select the appropriate role to assign the team member for each phase, repeat as needed for all entries listed.

4. After applying the role, you can go back into your Project Report and verify that all the information and budgets have been properly updated.

🚨 Note that only roles that have been previously assigned to each team member on the Project Planner (see above) will be available to select from the timesheets audit page.

How Default Roles affect Audit Timesheets

Applying default roles to members of your firm won't affect how you utilize audit timesheets. It, instead, allows you to catch a breath in your day-to-day work as Monograph will automatically bill that member's time at their default rate.

💡 You would still need to periodically check the audit timesheets page to ensure existing entries have a role and rate attached to them.

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