When starting a new project you can create a project from scratch or use a project template that you've previously created to begin to process. To make a new project from one of your templates simply follow the directions below.

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To begin, click on Projects from the main menu, then click "New Project" on the upper-right corner. This will load a pop-up window.

In the pop-up window, you may enter the details of your new project including name, number, project color and billable status. Once you have an entered these details select the "Template" drop down menu as shown below and choose the saved template you would like to use for your project, then choose the start date.

As pictured in the example, my new project is "Mendoza Avenue" and I am using "Template 2 (Blank Budget)" as my template for this project which will begin on April 1, 2021.

Next, you will see the Project Planner page for your new project. All of the information displayed here will be based on the saved format and data you have in the template you chose to you.

From here you may edit and add any information that pertains to your new project specifically such as budget, roles, and rates. For more information on working with the Project Planner please click here.

You may also update any information on the General Information page by clicking "Next" on the upper-right corner.

Once you have added or updated all of the information for this project on the Planner and General pages you may click "Done" to save and exit. Your project will now be available to use from the Projects Overview screen along with all others.

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