We've launched a referral program that allows you to receive one month of Monograph for free for every paying customer that you refer through a unique link you can find in the settings menu. The best part? Your referral gets one month free as well.

This article will cover everything you need to know about how our referral program works. Let's get started.

How does the referral program work?

In the settings menu, under the Refer tab, you will find a unique link you can share with other firm owners. This unique link will allow us to track all of your referred sign-ups to be able to accurately provide you with your rewards.

They must use the unique link to access the Monograph homepage. The reward does not work like an applied coupon.

How will I know that they signed up with my link?

In the Refer tab, you will see a table that keeps track of all of the people who have signed up using your link.

How long will it take for me to receive the referral reward?

After your referral signs up and pays for a subscription to Monograph, it takes about 48 hours for you to receive one month's credit on your account.

For all other questions, please reach out to support@monograph.com

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