It's inevitable that you have overhead costs to keep your firm running, such as rent, utilities, marketing expenses, and more. Are you taking these costs into consideration when calculating your profit reporting? It's important to account for these expenses to ensure that you're making profits on every project.

Within your Monograph Organizational Settings, we have a field to account for these expenses - Overhead Multiplier.

How to Add your Overhead

  1. On the left-hand side of the main screen, click on Settings.

  2. Within the Organization tab, you'll find the Overhead Costs section.

  3. Enter your Overhead Multiplier - see the section below.

Overhead Multiplier

The Overhead Multiplier is an indirect metric that’s applied to your overhead cost. This can include:

  • Overhead labor costs such as staff who are not inside Monograph.

  • Overhead expenses such as employee fringe benefits, rent, utilities, software and marketing expenses, etc.

👉 If you need help calculating your firm's billing multipliers, check out our Architect Overhead Calculator.

How this Information is Used

The Overhead Multiplier entered here will be included in the calculations used for your firm's Profit Reports. Learn more about reports here.

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