When building out a new project it is important to make note of the Lock icons you will find in the Project Planner's Budget Calculator and Phases. These "locks" will impact the way Monograph thinks about the information you've entered.

Key Difference:

  1. 🔒 LOCKED icon implies that information entered is set firm and should not change as you continue to allocate and build out your project. Most often used when planning projects top-down (aka starting with Total Fee)

  2. 🔓 UNLOCKED icon suggests that this number is fluid and could increase or decrease as you build the project. Most often used when creating a project bottom-up (aka starting with roles and summing up to total fee)

Budget Calculator

When creating a project Top-Down (meaning you have a pre-determined Project Total Fee) you'll start with within the Budget Calculator.

Here you can choose to lock the Total Fee, Project Budget, or both. We suggest locking both to avoid any shifts in numbers by accident.

As shown in the image below, I have confirmed my Total Fee as $15,000 and my final Project Budget as $12,500 by ensuring that both icons are "locked" before clicking on Update.

You can always make changes to locked numbers by clicking to unlock and then relocking after adjustments.

Phase Budget

At the phase level, after entering your phase budget, you can decide to lock this number or leave it unlocked (shown in red).

In this example, locking the phase budget to $2500 means you have a confirmed budget of $2500 for allocating hours to your team directly beneath it.

If the phase budget was left unlocked, it means that as you allocate hours to your team below it, the phase budget will respond to those changes and add or subtract according.

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