Are you inviting a team member to join your company on Monograph but they're not receiving the invitation? There are typically a few common reasons for this, which we've included below to help you better understand why this could be occurring.

🚨 In any case, when this happens, Monograph will need to fix this for you. Please reach out to us at to provide us with the email address that isn't receiving the invitation so that we can work to resolve this for you.

You're inviting a new hire and the invitation was sent before their email address was active.

When this happens, it will cause the invitation to bounce since their email address isn't active yet. Then, when you try to resend an invitation after their email has been set up and activated, it won't reach the user because of the initial invitation bouncing.

To prevent this from occurring for future new hires, be sure to unselect "Send invite email" when adding the team member to your Monograph account. Once their email address is set up, you can then go back into your Team Directory and click on "Send Invitation" under "Onboarding" next to their name.

The email address that you're trying to invite is already associated with another account.

We sometimes find that a team member's email address is already associated with another account, which causes them to not receive the invitation since Monograph sees that they've already accepted one. This is typically seen when:

  • A team member inadvertently creates a trial account before being invited to their organization.

  • An organization previously had a trial account and invited their team members, and later created a different organization that they signed up with.

  • An organization asks team members to sign up for separate trial accounts of Monograph instead of inviting them to join a single company-wide trial account.

The invitation is being blocked or is being sent to the inbox's Spam/Junk folder.

It's not uncommon for Monograph's invitations to be inadvertently marked as Spam or Junk by your email provider. Depending on your email provider, resolving this is usually as simple as checking your Spam folder and marking the invitation as "Not Spam", or removing Monograph from your Blocked Senders.

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