Invoice Overview

The Invoice Overview provides a list of all projects' invoices and relevant payment information, at a glance.

To start, choose which columns should appear within the table by clicking on the column icon in the upper right corner. Whichever columns are selected will remain until the next time that any columns are selected or deselected. These can be adjusted at any time

By default, the Invoice Overview is sorted by Status, in the order of Draft, Open, Past Due, and Paid.

Clicking on any of the column headers will allow you to sort invoices by that specific column in ascending order. Clicking the same column header a second time will sort by descending order, and then clicking on the same column header a third time will change the sorting back to the original order.

Invoices can be sorted by any of the columns:

  • Invoice #

    • The number included on the invoice

  • Project #

    • The number associated with the project

  • Project Name

    • The name of the project

  • Client

    • The client that is associated with the "Bill to" details in the invoice

  • Amount

    • The total due on the invoice

  • Issue Date

    • The date that the invoice was marked as Open

  • Status

    • The status of the payment (if the invoice is being paid through Monograph)

  • Due Date

    • The due date included on the invoice

  • Paid Date

    • The date that the invoice was marked as Paid (will automatically update if being paid through Monograph)

  • Payment Type

    • The type of payment that was used (if the invoice was paid through Monograph)

  • Service Fee

    • The service fee associated with the invoice (if the invoice was paid through Monograph)

Additionally, filters can be used to narrow down the invoices that appear.

  • Status - filters by payment statuses

    • Draft, Open, Paid, Past Due, and Unpaid (includes both Open and Past Due)

  • Client - filters by client name

    • Multiple projects may be associated with the same client

  • Project - filters by project name

Marking an Invoice as Paid

If an invoice is paid through Monograph, the Paid status will automatically update to reflect accordingly. All Invoices paid outside of Monograph will need to be manually updated.

Once an invoice's payment has been received, it can be marked as paid manually by clicking on Mark as Paid under "Paid Date" on the Invoices page. Click Save once the date is selected.

The Activity column displays the latest activity on the invoice. This includes when the invoice is sent, viewed by the client, paid, etc. Hover over the status in the Activity column to see more details such as "who" and "when".

📚 Learn more about building an invoice or how to use payments in Monograph.

If an invoice needs to be marked as unpaid due to a mistake or incorrect Paid Date, click on the icon with the three dots and select Mark As Unpaid.

Additionally, this is also where to navigate if an invoice needs to be Duplicated or Deleted.

Please note that once an invoice has been deleted, it cannot be retrieved again.

💡 Use the Unbilled Report to see any project's total and current unbilled amounts compared to what was planned and has been invoiced.


To export the Invoice Overview as a CSV file, click on the Export button in the upper right corner. This will include all rows and columns that are included in the table at the time of the export.

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