Why don't all of my projects' invoices use the new layout? If you're creating an invoice for a project that had been previously invoiced using the legacy invoice layout, you will not have the option to use the new invoice layout for that project. This is due to differences in UX (user experience design), data structure, and other technical reasons. That said, our team will be working to update all legacy invoices to the new invoice layout in 2022.

Can I choose which invoice layout I use for my projects? What if I want to use the legacy layout instead of the new layout, or vice versa? At this time, you can't choose between the two layouts. Since the layout is currently dependent on if you're invoicing for a new project or a project with existing invoices, the new layout is used for new projects with no invoices, and the legacy layout will be used for projects with existing invoices.

That said, if you'd want to use the new layout for a project with existing invoices, you could do so by deleting all of your existing invoices. This is not a best practice suggestion and, if you decide to do this, we do suggest saving backups of your existing invoices so that you maintain the history and can easily re-create them.

Why can't I edit my invoice after I've marked it Open? This is to ensure that your invoice matches exactly how the invoice was sent to your client.

I forgot to add an expense to last month's invoice and it's not showing up as an option to add to this month's invoice. How do I fix this? Expenses only appear if they were logged within the timeframe of the "Services Through" dates on the invoice. To add an expense outside of the timeframe that you're invoicing for, simply change the "Services Through" dates while you're on the Expense tab. Doing this will also change the "Services Through" date on the invoice, but you can change the date again after you've added the expense.

Why can't I edit my project after I've created an open invoice? Once you open an invoice against a project, we lock any applicable Fixed Phases in the Project Planner, so you're no longer able to edit the budget or delete that phase. If we didn't, then past invoices that include that phase would be inaccurate.

Can I change the "Paid Date"? The date on which you mark your invoice as paid is the date that will appear as the invoice's "Paid Date". At this time, this is not editable, so we suggest marking it paid as soon as you receive payment.

How are my invoice numbers populating? When you create a new invoice, we'll make sure that invoice number is unique. We're also auto-incrementing invoice numbers within a project. So if your last invoice in the Big House project was BH-001, the next one will default to BH-002. This results in a best practice recommendation: customer's invoices number should have a project identifier in them.

How do I invoice by Activity? Invoicing by Activity is no longer supported with our new invoicing layout. If you are currently invoicing a project by Activity, you'll be able to wrap up that project by continuing to invoice by Activity until it is complete if you wish to do so.

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