Invoices in Monograph have a fresh new look. While our new invoicing capabilities used to only be available for new projects, you can now use our updated invoices on existing projects as well!

Before making the switch to the new invoice layout for existing projects, there are a few steps to take to ensure your project's Project Financials Report and previously billed amounts are the most accurate.

🚨 This update allows existing projects to use the new invoice layout for New or Draft invoices. It is not intended for converting existing invoices to the new layout, and we do not recommend doing so.

Assigning Line Items in Old Invoices

When you navigate to Invoices, you'll see a list of all of your invoices sorted by the payment Status. Totals under the Amount column with a yellow icon next to them are invoices that have unassigned line items that need to be assigned.

Hovering over the yellow icon will allow you to see how many unassigned line items are in that invoice. Click on the invoice number to open the invoice.

Once you open the invoice, click on Edit Invoice. You'll see an alert showing you how many unassigned line items there are, which will appear outlined in red under the Assign column.

Click on the drop-down for each line item to select the applicable Phase, Expense, Consultant Service, or Other Item. Phases will appear as Fee Type - Phase Name.

After you've gone through and added assignments to each line item, your Project Financials Report will update accordingly. This will also make "Previously Billed" amounts more accurate on future invoices.

Switching Invoice Layouts

After reviewing a project's existing legacy invoices to add any missing assignments, you can begin to invoice using the new layout.

To do this, create a new Invoice as you typically would, and add the applicable information (Project, Invoice Number, Services-Through Dates).

After you click Create and the invoice appears, you'll see a notification at the top of your page prompting you to switch to the new version.

Clicking on this toggle will convert your current invoice to the new layout and will transfer any line items that you've already added. As a best practice, we suggest converting your invoice prior to adding any line items in the legacy invoice format.

Building Your Invoice

If you haven't created an invoice using the new layout, or if you just need a refresher, click here for step-by-step instructions for building your invoice.

🚨 After you've created and opened an invoice using our new format by following the instructions above, any new invoices going forward in that project will use the new invoice layout.

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