Customers in Quickbooks Online correspond to what exists in Monograph as Clients. Depending on how your firm has your clients set up in Quickbooks Online, the way that their names appear within Monograph may vary.

Continue reading for more information on how QBO Customers and QBO Sub-customers translate into Monograph.

Quickbooks Online - Customers and Sub-customers


When Monograph pulls Customer information from Quickbooks Online, the "Customer Display Name" field from QBO will be used as the display name within Monograph as long as that field has been filled out.

The screenshot below shows the Customer Display Name field highlighted in red. This will be used in the Client Directory, Invoices, and anywhere that there is a Client drop-down.

💡 If the Customer Display Name field isn't filled out within QBO, Monograph will pull from the Company Name field or First Name/Last Name fields depending on the area that is being populated within Monograph.


Sub-customers can be used in QBO to associate one customer with another "Parent" customer. Monograph does not use the same concept of sub-customers/sub-clients as QBO, so QBO sub-customers will appear as separate clients in Monograph.

The screenshot below shows a sub-customer that is associated with a parent customer. The field highlighted in red contains the sub-customer's display name, while the parent customer is highlighted in yellow.

Since Monograph doesn't use sub-customers/sub-clients, these sub-customers could either appear as duplicates of the parent customer or appear to be unrelated depending on what information is included in the sub-customer "Customer Display Name".

Because of this, Monograph uses the Fully Qualified Name (FQN) to differentiate a customer from a sub-customer. The FQN is displayed as Parent-customer:Sub-customer (separated by a colon). This allows you to easily determine which are parent-customers vs. sub-customers throughout Monograph, such as within the Client Directory or when selecting from Client drop-down menus.

The screenshot below shows the FQN (highlighted in yellow) for 0969 Ocean View Road, which is a sub-customer of Freeman Sporting Goods, the parent-customer.

As shown in the image below, this is the same naming convention that is used throughout Monograph.

🚨 FQN's are imported directly from Quickbooks Online and cannot be edited within Monograph.

Still having trouble?

You may find that some clients in Monograph are still appearing to be duplicated or are missing company and/or contact information. In the case that there isn't any identifying information appearing in the Client Directory, following the steps below can help determine which customer/object in QBO is associated with the client in Monograph.

1. In Monograph, navigate to Directory > Clients and click on Add name for the unidentifiable client.

2. Under the Basic Info section, look for the Quickbooks ID and copy it.

3. In another window or tab, open Quickbooks Online and navigate to Customers. Click on any customer to open their information on a new page.

4. Once the new page appears, navigate to the URL. Edit the URL to replace the number following the "nameID" to the Quickbooks ID that was copied from within Monograph and click enter/return on your keyboard to open the page in Quickbooks Online.



5. Once the page opens, the name will appear at the top of the page.

If you have any questions, please reach out to our team at and we will be happy to help.

💡 For more information on how to add and manage customers in Quickbooks Online specifically, please visit Intuit's Quickbooks Online help center.

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