Setting up QuickBooks Online Services

Monograph allows you to map line items from your invoices with corresponding Services in QuickBooks Online so that your line items correlate to each particular Phase in your Chart of Accounts in QuickBooks Online. This means that now you will see a line item breakdown associated with each of your Services*, which will provide you with more detailed reporting on the QuickBooks Online side.

To set up Services for each Phase within Monograph, navigate to Settings > App Defaults > Project Management > Phase Types. The Service Item column specifies the Service that the Phase is linked to within QuickBooks Online. This column will only appear if Monograph is actively connected to QuickBooks Online.

Click on Edit next to the phase and a pop-up will appear, prompting you to select the Service that it should be associated with. After you've confirmed that the phase's information is correct, click Update.

Now, when an invoice is sent to QuickBooks Online, each line item will be mapped to each of the Services* accordingly with the appropriate quantities, rates, and totals.

*Prior to February 11, 2022, all line items used the Quickbooks Online "Sales" item. This meant that each line from Monograph invoices went to the “Sales” revenue account within your Profit & Loss Statement in Quickbooks Online. This update allows for each Fixed Fee and Hourly Fee line item to be associated with the appropriate Services on your Profit & Loss Statement. All other line items such as Consultants and Expenses will continue to go to the “Sales” revenue account in Quickbooks Online.

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