🎉 Admins, Welcome to Monograph!

The time you spend setting up Monograph is a great first step towards investing in your team and business. To set you up successfully for a smooth and efficient implementation, please use this guide and checklist to complete the required action items.

You'll find these required items referenced throughout this guide with the ✅ icon, as well as additional resources that will help you complete your checklist.


When you first log in to Monograph, you’ll be taken to your Dashboard. This overview page allows you to see a quick snapshot of your projects, tasks, and other information and will populate with more information as you continue to build out your organization and log time.


Your first task will be to review the Settings menu. This is where you will be able to further customize and set your account up. You can edit things such as company information, invoicing brand colors, overhead multiplier, app defaults, billable rates, and user permission levels.

⭐ To-Do: Update Your Account Settings

✅ Setup your Company Information (logo, address, and timezone)

✅ Select your preferred currency

✅ Set your Overhead Multiplier

✅ Create custom Categories and Phases for your Projects and review default entries

✅ Set your company's default billable rates for each role

✅ Review and edit which activities will appear on timesheets

✅ Enable your team to use the Timer to record hours (if preferred)

✅ If Applicable, Connect your integration to Quickbooks Online

Permission Settings

Permission assignments are vital to get started and should be set prior to inviting your team into Monograph. They will control what your team can view, access, and edit throughout the app.

⭐ To-Do: Set Up Your Permissions Prior to Inviting Your Team

✅ Update the default permission levels to fit the needs of your firm. You can refer to these permission definitions to understand what each toggle does. Feel free to add new permission levels if your firm needs more levels of access!

Team Directory

The Team Directory not only provides team information at a glance, but it also contains Employee Profiles, where you can find more user-specific information. You can access the Team Directory by clicking on Directory in the menu bar on the left-hand side of the screen.

In addition, you can add or remove users, as well as manage each team member's permission levels and compensation.

⭐ To-Do: Invite Your Team & Other Admins

Go to the Team Directory and, from there, begin adding in members. For each new User added, you'll want to do the following:

✅ Add Contact information, including Email, Name, Title, and Phone Number

✅ Upload a Headshot Photo or Avatar for each team member

✅ Assign each User's Permission level access

✅ Select a default role and rate for each User

✅ Add Compensation information for each team member

✅ Click the "Invite" button on the Team Directory to send an invitation link via email

Client Directory

The Client Directory provides a list of all of your clients, along with basic profile information for each. Here you can add and edit details or see any associated projects and invoices associated with your clients.

If you are integrated with Quickbooks Online (QBO), we will sync client information to and from QBO.

⭐ To-Do: Enter Your Client's Information

✅ Go to the Client Directory and start adding your clients.

Next Steps

Now that you've updated your company settings to your liking, it's time to start entering projects into Monograph!

Navigate here to find a collection of articles that will help you walk through the process of building out a project. Within that collection, you'll find resources that will guide you on how to create a project, how to create project templates, and much more!

🎓 If you are in need of additional guidance, feel free to send our Support Team a message by clicking the purple chat bubble icon on the bottom right corner when logged into your Monograph account or by sending us an email at support@monograph.com.

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