Company Roles

From the very beginning, we've strived to focus on building Monograph for the small to mid-size design practices. We know that when you are small, every principal and team member has to wear many hats and bill at multiple rates. This is the core reason why we separated "Roles" (billable rates) from a person. 

This way, each person has the ability to bill at multiple rates. 

By default, we've pre-populated your Monograph Dashboard with default roles, however, you can easily create, remove, and edit custom roles under Settings, then click on App Defaults, then Roles & Rates.

Default Roles

In addition to setting your company's Roles & Rates, you also have the option to assign Default Roles to your team within their Employee Profile, which can be accessed from the Directory.

Assigning a Default Role will ensure an individual is billed at their default rate even when they're logging time to a phase they weren't assigned to. Click here to learn more about how to add a Default Role.

🚨 Default Roles are to only be used as a fail-safe in the case that a user logs time before they're assigned to a role within a phase. These should not be relied on for project planning purposes, and the Project Planner should still be completed to include your team's assigned roles.

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