One of the most satisfying parts of using Monograph is using the Projects Report, which pulls insights from your project budgets and hour allocations to give you a forecast of your revenue in addition to what's already been logged.

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What is in the Projects Report?

Monograph's Projects Report provides you with a visual of your planned and consumed fees and hours by project, status, or category within a date range.

💡 To be included, a project must have a start and end date, at least one phase, and have a project budget or hours allocated. We don't include projects with no phases or that don't have phase budgets or hourly phases.

The data displayed in the report is derived from the project planner and averaged out over the duration of the project/phase.

How to use the Projects Report

Navigate to Reports

Navigate to the Projects Report by clicking on Reports from the main menu. This will automatically take you to the Projects Report page.

If you do not see the "Reports" option, it means that your current access level doesn't permit you to see company reports. You'll need to ask your admin for assistance.

Customize your Report

To run the most accurate report, start by adjusting the date range. You can run the report for that date range only or isolate one or multiple projects, statuses or categories.

Filtering by billable will isolate any projects that are non-billable if you need to understand what part of your upcoming work doesn't support your revenue goals.

💡 Any filters added to the Projects Report will automatically be applied the next time that the Projects Report is visited.

Parts of the Projects Report Graph

Total Sums - the large numbers at the top indicate the total sums based on your selections. These include the total number of projects, percent that are billable, total planned fee, total consumed fee, total planned hours, and total consumed hours. You'll find a per-project breakdown further below.

Bar Line Graph - the colorful bar line graph is a visual representation of your work across your selected date range. It will be grouped by day, month, or year based on the length of the range.

Single Project Highlight - hovering over the color segment of a project will highlight it throughout the chart and give you the sum of its fee and hours for that period.

Date Amount - hovering over the date will display the total planned and consumed fees and hours for that day, month, or year.

Per Project Forecast Breakdown

Beneath the bar line graph, you will see a complementary list that breakdown which projects are included in the totals presented above based on your date and filtering criteria. Clicking on a project's name will open that project's Overview page.

For each project, we highlight its status (proposed, active, paused, canceled, completed), whether it's billable or not, the planned fee, the consumed fee, the planned hours, and the consumed hours.

Additional columns showing information related to square footage and construction costs can be added by clicking on the icon in the right corner above the chart and then selecting the columns that should be shown within the report.

🚨 If a project has a planned fee but no planned hours, it means that no hours were allocated to your team for that project/phase despite it having a budget. To fix this you'll need to go back into that project and edit the allocations.

Planned fees and planned hours are derived from the hours entered in the Project Planner. Consumed fees and consumed hours are derived from the hours logged in Timesheets.

Exporting Data

After filtering the information for the forecast, you can export the data as a CSV. The exported document will reflect the filtered data, and you can do further calculations or manipulations in another software program if needed.

To export, click on the "Export" button on the top right side corner.

Report Ideas

How much billable work will I have in this time period?

Select date range, and filter status to active only.

How many of my upcoming projects have been paused or canceled?

Select date range, and filter status to paused and canceled.

How much of my project revenue is coming from this category(s)?

Select date range, and filter categories, such as "Commercial" or "Residential. You can select one or several.

If I only worked on these projects would I have enough revenue?

Select date range, and filter projects to include one or several only.

Which months in the next 12 months have the most/least work?

Select the date range, and filter status to active and proposed only.

How much time and money was consumed across all completed, billable projects last year compared to what was originally planned?

Select the date range, and filter status to completed, and add the "billable" filter.

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