Create invoices faster by starting with the Unbilled Report - a list of all your billable projects that have unbilled time.

Unbilled Report Overview

The Unbilled Report provides visibility into the amount of unbilled work accumulated for each project so you know which projects to invoice. As your team logs time in Monograph, the Unbilled Report will automatically update to show the most current amounts that need to be billed.

The list can be sorted in ascending or descending order by clicking on the header for any of the columns. To narrow down the clients that appear, use the Client, Project, and/or Project Type filters. The Project Type filters include:

  • Active - shows projects with an "Active" status, regardless of if there is an unbilled amount

  • All Projects - shows all projects, regardless of status or if there is an unbilled amount

  • Unbilled Balance - shows all projects with unbilled amounts, regardless of status

  • Unbilled Balance Since Last Invoice - shows all projects with unbilled amounts that have accumulated since the last invoice, regardless of status

🚨 Users with the "View Invoices" permission enabled will be able to access the Unbilled Report. Users who do not also have the "Create Invoices" permission enabled will not see the option to create an invoice.

Invoicing with the Unbilled Report

The Unbilled Report can be used as a to-do list for all of your next invoices, giving you a clear view of what needs to be invoiced for each project; making your invoicing process more efficient.

In addition to the Total Unbilled and Current Unbilled columns giving immediate insight into the unbilled amounts, clicking on a total from either column will open the project's Time Log for the applicable time frame.

  • Total Unbilled - the total value of all time that has been logged in timesheets but not billed. This time includes all billable hours. Any non-billable hours will not be included in the total value.

  • Current Unbilled - the value of time that has been logged in timesheets since the last invoice’s service period. Any non-billable hours will not be included in this value.

After looking over the Total Unbilled and/or Current Unbilled columns, easily create an invoice from the same page by clicking on + Invoice for the project that you wish to invoice.

From here, select the Services Through date and click Create. This will open the Invoice Builder, where you can finish building the invoice prior to sending it to the client for payment.

🎓 New to invoicing in Monograph? Click here to learn more!


To export the Unbilled Report, click on Export in the upper right corner to generate a CSV which will be sent to the email address that you use to log in to Monograph. This will include all of the information based on the filters applied prior to exporting.

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