Start using Organization Time Log to see time across your firm:

The Organization Time Log gives insight into where your team is spending time across all projects by capturing all time logged over any duration. When your team tracks time on projects, Monograph adds up the data in real-time right into your Organization Time Log.

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Understanding the Organization Time Log

To find the Organization Time Log, navigate to Timesheets > Organization Time Log. Only users with the "Edit all projects" permission enabled will be able to access this page.

The Organization Time Log report displays all of the data surrounding time entries entered for all of your team's projects within a specified date range. It is broken down by employee and can be filtered through to find more granular data.

The numbers at the very top of the page include Billable Fee, Billable Hours, Non-Billable Hours, Total Hours, and Billable %.

Hover over a month on the bar graph to reveal a snapshot of the billable hours and fee, non-billable hours, and total overall for that month.

🎓 The Organization Time Log only includes time logged to Timesheets for projects and does not include any Overhead hours.

Organization Time Log Filters

While in the Organization Time Log, use the various filters to narrow down the information for the report.

By default, all entries during the selected time period will display and will include the Employee, Date, Project #, Project Name, Phase, Role, Activity, Note, Rate, Hours, and Amount. Adding any of the filters will update both charts and the totals accordingly.

Click back into any of the filters to multi-select from any of the drop-downs. Deselect a selection by clicking on it again.

🚨 Team members without an assigned role for logged hours will show a $0 Rate, and hours logged without an activity are considered billable time by default.

When navigating through the Organization Time Log, you can view an employee's timesheet for a specific week by clicking on the date in their timesheet entry. Additionally, you can open the specific project's Overview page by clicking on the project name.

🚨 If a user also has "View timesheets" and "Edit timesheets" permissions enabled, they will be able to access any user's timesheet by clicking on the date. If they do not have both of these permissions enabled, they will not have the ability to click on the date.

Export Time Log

Once you have generated the data and filtered it accordingly, you may export the Time Log information into a CSV format. You may download the information by clicking on the "Export" button located in the upper-right corner.

Start using Organization Time Log to see time across your firm:

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