It will happen often that you'll need to go back to your timesheet to add or adjust information. This article will guide you through how to make adjustments to your timesheets.

Note: If the steps below don't match what you see on your screen, it could be that your access level does not allow you to go back to previous timesheets, in this case, please contact us or your account admin.


  1. Log into your account and click on the Timesheets tab on the side navigation.

  2. Under your name, all users will see 3 tabs: "This Week", "Last Week" and "Past Timesheets".

3. Click on "Past Timesheets" to see all your previously submitted timesheets.

4. Next, under "Actions", click on "Unlock" for the week you'd like to make adjustments to, and then click on "View".

5. Now you should see that week's timesheet in editing mode and you'll be able to add any projects, associated time, activities, and notes for the week. You'll also be able to add any overhead expenses.

6. Hit the yellow "Resubmit" button in the top right corner when you are all done! 🎉

🚨 If you log time to an incorrect Project, Phase, or Role, this cannot be adjusted. Instead, you'll need to re-add the entry using the correct information and delete the incorrect entry.

In the case that this happens, we encourage adding the new entry before you delete the incorrect entry. This way, you'll know the hours that you need to include on the new entry in case you forget them, as deleting a timesheet entry cannot be undone.

If you'd like to export your past timesheets, you may do so by clicking on the Export button in the top right corner.

Once you click it, a pop-up will appear that will allow you to specify a date range and have the dates as either columns or rows. You'll also have a checkbox to include any notes from the timesheets in the export.

After you download the CSV, you can then open it in your preferred spreadsheet software of choice, such as Excel or Google Sheets.

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