Most individuals will experience two types of reimbursable expenses while working at a firm.

  • Project Related - meaning your client will be billed for the expense, such as meals and travel.

  • Overhead Related - meaning your firm will cover the cost of the expense, such as a benefit or refund for licensure materials.

To add Overhead related expenses use this guide and project-related expenses continue below.

Adding an Expense to Your Timesheet

  1. First, go to your TIMESHEETS at the main menu

  2. Either add a project or go to an existing project on your timesheet

  3. Click on the day the expenses were incurred and a pop-up menu of options will appear. Then click on the "+ Add Expense" purple button.

4. A pop-up window will appear, asking you to select the category of your expense. You'll enter the Category, Note, and Amount of the expense. By default, the expense will be marked as Billable, but you can click the blue box to make it non-billable. Lastly, upload any supporting information as an attachment.

5. Now click "New Expense" to add another or "Done" to return to your timesheet.

Note: If you do not see the appropriate category for your expense, speak with your Admin. They will be able to go to the global Settings > Invoice and adjust the expense categories.

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