Monograph will allow you to organize different phases of a project by linking them together. Once phases have been linked, changing the end date of a phase will automatically push all the succeeding phases to the future.

Such as, if you want to allow more time for the Pre-Design phase to pan out, you can extend the end date of the phase. This will then extend the beginning and end dates of all the succeeding phases.

🏆 Best Practice: We suggest you add all your phases and update the duration of each phase before linking phases together. You should link a phase to the one before it and so on, with the first phase of your project serving as the anchor for the rest.

Once you have added phases to a new project, you may link each phase by using the Link a phase dropdown menu within each individual phase. Be sure to click the Save button for each phase to save your changes and continue your progress. For more information on projects and phases, please reference Planning your Project, Phases + Budget for additional resources.

Should you wish to link a phase after a project has been created you may do so by returning to the Project Planner. Select your desired project from the Projects main menu, then click the Edit button. Once you have accessed the Project Planner, you may follow the directions above to link your phases accordingly.

Be sure to click the Save button after linking a phase or making any changes to keep your progress up to date.

To revisit a phase later on to make additional date changes, simply return to the Project Planner and click the Edit icon next to your desired phase.

In order to successfully make date changes that will also shift any linked phases, you must only have a single phase "open to edit" at any given time. If you are editing more than one phase, any date changes you make will not impact other phases that are also "open to edit".

✅ This image below shows only one phase, Schematic Design that is "open to edit" - this means that any changes made to this date range will also impact the following phase dates that are linked to Schematic Design. You'll know a phase is "open to edit" when you see phase details such as Date rage, Fee type, and the Save button.

❌ This image below shows both, Schematic Design and Construction Documentation as "open to edit" - this means that any changes made to the date range for one phase will not shift dates appropriately for any linked phases. You would need to click the Save button for Construction Documentation before making any changes to the Date range on Schematic Design for any linked phases to update accordingly.

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