Monograph allows you to create terms for your invoice. Terms are the rules of trade. A term that you create in Monograph can be applied towards any issued invoice.

To add a new term, click "Settings" on the main menu, followed by the "Invoices" tab on the navigation bar.

In the Terms section, give a name to the new term and enter the maximum number of days that you allow for the invoice to be cleared. The period starts from the day the invoice was issued.

Once the information is added, click the "Create" button to add your new terms to the list below.

🚨 When syncing Monograph and Quickbooks Online, please note that your Terms in Monograph will be updated to the Terms you've used in Quickbooks Online. Any custom terms created in Monograph prior to syncing will not be added to Quickbooks Online. After you have synced, any additions or edits that you make to Terms within Monograph will update within Quickbooks Online.

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