The Resource Planner is visible to everyone on your team after it has been generated by one of your admin users.

After the dashboard has been published, only those who have access to editing projects will be able to make adjustments, such as editing allocations or regenerating the view.

For most teams, this means that only a few individuals who function as project managers or principals will be able to make changes to the Resource Planner after it's been generated.

Whether your team is small or large, we suggest that you assign 1 - 2 individuals who are the ones responsible for generating the weekly schedule, the same as you would work with timesheet export or payroll processing.

If you would like to limit the individuals who can make changes to the dashboard, you can review your permissions and restrict the number of users who are able to edit projects by unselecting that from the permission level.

If you are unsure who on your team can edit projects, you should 1st confirm what access level that individual has by going to the "Team" tab. Then navigate to your "Settings" tab, then "Permissions" to review what their permission level allows them to see and do.


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