🎉 Admins, Welcome to Monograph!

The time you spend setting up Monograph is a great first step towards investing in your team and business. Use this guide as a checklist, and lean on our support team for questions you might have throughout.

As an admin, you'll be able to:

  • Perform role-based staff management — Assign Roles to projects in order to keep track of staff with multiple roles on a project

  • Keep track of billable and non-billable hours with your staff

  • Use Timesheets to create Invoices

  • Use the MoneyGantt — Visualize phases on a Gantt chart with Milestones and Budget remaining vs Budget Spent

  • Create reports that forecast on organizational revenue

Global Settings

The first place you'll want to visit after creating your account is the SETTINGS tab, only visible to those with admin access.

Do the following things here:

1. Setup your Company Information (logo, address, and timezone)

2. Select your preferred currency

3. Create default Categories and Phases for your Projects

4. Edit Policies, which determine what information each user can see

5. Set your company's default billable rates for each role

6. Review and edit which activities will appear on timesheets

7. If Applicable, Connect your integration to Quickbooks Online

Invite Your Team & Other Admins

Next, start contributing by inviting the rest of the company. Go to the TEAM tab and from there you'll add each individual, and select their level of access from the ones you established.


Adding your projects into Monograph is the next big step to take. As an admin, there are two ways you can do this.

  • Enter all the projects yourself - setting the budget, allocating hours,
    phases, and roles

  • Work with your Project Managers to enter all the project information (recommended)

We recommend working with your Project Managers for the best outcome. Typically they know more about the project specifics (deadlines, contacts, phases, etc) and this process empowers them to learn the platform and maintain the project information up-to-date.

Also, review the following:

Time, Expenses & Overhead

As an admin, you'll be responsible for making sure that your team enters their time on their timesheet and it's logged against a project's budget. To become familiar with this, see the following overviews:

Setup for Invoicing

As your projects progress you'll have intervals at which you'll invoice your client, here is information on how to do this:


Essential to your practice operations is gathering insights for forecasting and helping your team succeed.

Adding in Past Data

Best practices coming soon!

💡 Stay in Touch! Chat with us via our in-app chat box found in the bottom-right corner of the screen or by emailing us at support@monograph.com

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