What will happen if I modify a current project template? Will it cause any change to existing projects that were created from that template? No, any changes made to an existing template will not impact any existing projects. Only future projects made with this template will include the changes you have made.

What if I want to make a change to multiple existing projects I made with a template, is this possible to do? You are unable to make changes to multiple projects at once. You will need to edit each project individually. Changes made to one project will not impact another even if they were generated from the same template.

What is the difference between Duplicate and Save as Template when I click the "More Actions" button from a project? Selecting Duplicate will create an exact copy of your project, this will cause a new active project to be created. Save as Template will create a new template based on your project, this is not considered an active project.

If I make a change to an existing project I created from a template, will this impact the original template? No, any changes made within a project will only impact the individual project you are modifying.

Why can't I access or create project templates? Specific permissions are required to create, save or edit a project template. If you do not have access to this, please contact your account Admin for additional support.

I already have existing projects that I just duplicate when I need to make a new project, why should I use Project Templates instead? Each time you duplicate a project, you create a new active project for your organization. These duplicate projects will immediately impact reporting and real-time information throughout Monograph. Project Templates will not impact any reporting, and also aid in keeping your Projects Overview clean and organized.

I don't need to use this project template in the immediate future, can I archive this so it does not appear as a template option? No, templates cannot be archived. If you wish to delete a template you may do so by selecting Projects from the main menu, then Templates and clicking the "Delete" button next to the template you wish to remove. Please note this action is permanent. Any projects you previously created from your deleted template will not be impacted.

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