When you first navigate to your Invoices, you'll see a list of all of your projects' invoices sorted by the payment Status. By default, this is sorted in the order of Draft, Open, Past Due, and Paid.

Clicking on any of the column headers will allow you to sort your invoices by that specific column in ascending order, and clicking a second time will change it to descending order. Clicking on the same column header for a third time will change the sorting back to the original order.

You can choose to sort by:

  • Invoice #

  • Project #

  • Project Name

  • Client

  • Amount (Invoice Total)

  • Issue Date

  • States (Payment Status)

  • Due Date

  • Paid Date

Additionally, you can add filters if you'd like to refine the invoices that appear.

  • Status - filters by specific payment types

    • Draft, Open, Paid, Past Due, and Unpaid (both Open and Past Due)

  • Client - filters by client

    • Multiple projects may be associated with the same client

  • Project - filters by project

Marking an Invoice as Paid

Once you've received payment for your invoice, you can mark it as paid by clicking on Mark As Paid under "Paid Date" on the Invoices page.

If you need to mark an invoice as unpaid, click on the icon with the three dots and select Mark As Unpaid. This is also where you will navigate if you need to duplicate an invoice.

The Paid status and date will automatically update if the invoice is paid through Monograph. For all Invoices paid outside of Monograph, these will need to be manually updated.

The Activity column displays the latest activity on the invoice. This includes when the invoice is sent, viewed by client, paid, etc. Hover over the activity to see more detail such as "who" and "when".

🎓 For more information on how to build an invoice in Monograph, click here. For more information on how to use payments with your invoices, click here.

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