We understand that you may have questions about Payments, so we've compiled some frequently asked questions and answers below.

Please reach out to support@monograph.com for further assistance if you have other questions.

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Payments, Fees, and Funding

Who can use Monograph Payments?

Users meeting the following criteria can use Monograph Payments:

  • Any Monograph customer that has a business based in the US or Canada (including territories) can set up their payments account by integrating with Stripe.

  • Clients must have a credit card or USD / CAD bank account to make a payment (limited by the architect's selection of which payment methods to offer).

  • Only invoices using the new invoice layout can accept payments using Monograph. Invoices using the legacy invoice layout cannot accept payments using Monograph.

What are Monograph's service fees?

It depends on the payment type.

  • Credit Card - 3% of the transaction, no cap

  • ACH - 1% of the transaction, up to $15 max

  • PAD - 1% of the transactions, up to $15 max

  • Currency exchange rate - 1% of the transaction

Is there a way to see the service fees for each invoice?

Yes! Service fees can be found on the Invoice Overview page under the "Service Fee" column.

How quickly will I receive funds after the payment is made?

It depends on the payment type. If the payment was made via credit card, once the payment is approved, it may take up to 3 business days. If the payment was made via ACH or PAD transfer, once the payment is approved, it may take up to 5 business days.

A client's invoice is past due. How do I charge a late fee?

Monograph won't automatically add a late fee if an invoice is past due. If you need to add a late fee, we recommend adding the late fee as an "Other Item" on the next invoice with details in the description.

Is there a transaction limit?

Payments using Canadian PAD have a max of $7,000. Banks may have their own ACH limits, so you'll want to contact your bank if you're unsure of your limit.

Permissions, Visibility and Reporting

Who on my team can access Payments in Monograph and the Stripe Dashboard?

Only those with permission to Create Invoices enabled can send the payment link and access the Stripe Dashboard.

How do I log in to Stripe using my existing Stripe account?

Monograph Payments' uses Stripe Express, with is a separate dashboard and login from your existing Stripe login. You'll need to create a new account when connecting Stripe to Monograph.

Does the Payments feature affect/update any reports?

At this time, not directly. When an invoice is paid electronically, we automatically update the payment status to “Paid”, which currently only affects the Project Financials report and the Invoice Index.

Do I receive a confirmation that the invoice has been sent? How would I know if it was received?

Yes! After you send an invoice, a pop-up will appear confirming that the invoice was sent successfully. You can also reference the Activity to see when the invoice was sent and when the client views the invoice or makes a payment.

How do I disconnect my Stripe account?

Please reach out to support@monograph.com or chat for assistance.

QuickBooks Online

Can I use Monograph Payments with QuickBooks Online?

Monograph Payments and QuickBooks Online are not integrated. But you can still use both your QBO and Monograph Payments. You will need to go send the invoice data over to Quickbooks Online and then you will need to go manually mark invoices as paid in Quickbooks Online to reconcile revenue.

One limitation is that the service fee for the transaction is not captured in Quickbooks Online, but these amounts can be found for each invoice on the Invoice Overview page.

Client Experience

One of my clients is having trouble making a payment. What do I do?

No problem! Please email support@monograph.com with your client CC'ed and provide us with detail on what they're running into so we can assist.

My invoices are being sent to spam. How do I prevent this from happening?

There are a few ways that you can prevent your invoices from being flagged as Spam.

  • Ask the client to add support@monograph.com to their contacts

  • Keep future emails from going to spam by marking support@monograph.com as “not spam” or adding us to a safe sender list

  • If the client still isn't receiving the email, you can copy the payment link and paste it into an email and manually send it to the client

If a client replies to the invoice email, who receives the email?

The invoice email will come from Monograph, but you'll receive the reply. The sender “reply-to” and “from” name is customizable by the firm within your Settings. If the client chooses to "reply all," Monograph will also receive the email.

*To note, you must update your "Reply-to" email address under Settings > App Defaults > Client Email Settings in order to receive replies.

An invoice's Activity Log is showing "Payment Awaiting Action". What does this mean?

This activity is shown when a client chooses to manually verify their bank when adding their payment information, and we are waiting for them to verify their bank details with stripe. They will receive a micro deposit with a code, and then they need to open the link that Stripe sends and provide that code.

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