The Client Directory provides a list of all of your clients, along with a basic profile of each client, where you can add and edit details or see any associated projects and invoices.

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Client Directory Overview

All Admins and any non-admin users with View Client permissions enabled can access the Client Directory by navigating to Directory > Clients. This will default to display all clients, along with their contact information. Only users with Manage Clients permissions are able to create, edit, and delete clients.

To narrow down the clients that appear, use the Filter by: Status option at the top of the page to show only Active or Inactive clients. You can also sort the list by clicking on the header for any of the columns.

When viewing the Client Directory, click on any client's name to open their individual Client Profile.

Client Profile

The Client Profile shows the client’s Basic Information, Contact Information, and any associated Projects and Invoices. If any information needs to be adjusted, click on Edit to make the necessary changes.

Users who have permission to Edit Invoices or Edit Assigned Projects can also view any invoices or assigned projects within each Client Profile. Click on a project name to open the Overview page for the project, or click on an Invoice number to open that specific invoice.

How to Add a Client

There are three different ways to add a client to the Client Directory:

  • From directly within the Client Directory

  • When invoicing, from the Invoice Designer

  • Syncing with Quickbooks Online

Adding a Client from the Client Directory

To add a client from the Client Directory, click on + Add Client in the upper right corner.

Enter the Company and Contact information that should be associated with the client and click Create once complete.

Adding a Client when Creating an Invoice

A new client can be added to the Client Directory during the invoice creation process. To do this, navigate to the Invoice Designer and select + Add New Client from the Bill To drop-down.

Learn more about adding a client directly from within an invoice here.

Adding a Client from Quickbooks Online

When Monograph is synced with Quickbooks Online, any clients that have already been added to Quickbooks Online will populate in the Client Directory.

Learn more about syncing with Quickbooks Online here.

Associating a Client with a Project

When you create an invoice, the client that you selected for the invoice will automatically be linked to the applicable project, and both the project and the invoice will appear within the client's Client Profile.

To associate a client with a project without creating an invoice, navigate to the project and click on Edit in the upper right corner. From there, click on the General tab and use the Client drop-down to associate the client with the project.

Inactive Clients and Deactivating a Client

If there are specific clients that your team is no longer working with, they can be marked as Inactive to remove them from any client drop-down lists, such as within the Invoice Designer. This will also move them to the Inactive list in the Client Directory.

To make a client Inactive, open their Client Profile, click on More in the upper right corner, and then select Deactivate.

If Quickbooks Online is synced with Monograph, any clients marked as Inactive in Quickbooks Online will automatically mark them as Inactive in Monograph. However, deactivating a client in Monograph will not mark them as Inactive in Quickbooks Online. This also applies to reactivating a client - reactivating a client in Monograph will not reactivate the client in Quickbooks Online, but reactivating the client in Quickbooks Online will reactivate the client in Monograph.

🎓 Deactivating a client will not remove the client from any existing invoices or reporting. It will only prevent the client from being added to new projects or invoices.

NOTE: Inactive clients will be added to new invoices by default if the client is still associated with the project.


Who in my firm can access the Client Directory page?

  • All admin users.

  • Non-admin users with the "View Client" permission enabled. You can change permission for different roles in your firm in settings under Setting > Permissions > Edit Permissions > Client Management.

    • Non-admins who have permission to Edit Invoices or Edit Assigned Projects can also view any invoices or assigned projects within each Client Profile.

What does “active” vs “inactive” client status mean? Does it impact anything else in the app?

  • The client information syncs both ways except for the “Active” status, which only goes from QBO » Monograph. Deactivating a client in Monograph will not mark it inactive in QBO, but if it's marked as inactive in QBO, it will deactivate in Monograph as well.

  • The active/inactive status is not connected to the status of associated projects or invoices. Users can deactivate clients if they want to archive their data in Monograph, but don’t want to see them in the active Client lists.

Why do I have duplicate clients in the Client Directory?

  • If a customer was created in Monograph while Quickbooks Online wasn't connected, this will result in a duplicate client.

    • If you need to re-associate a project or invoice from a non-QBO client to a client that is from QBO, please contact for assistance.

  • If you use Sub-customers or Projects in Quickbooks Online, they will appear as individual clients in Monograph. Click here to learn more.

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