The Team Directory not only provides team information at a glance, but it also contains Employee Profiles, where you can find more user-specific information.

In addition, you can add or remove users, as well as manage each team member's permission levels and compensation. Continue reading below for more information!

Team Directory Overview

When you navigate to Directory > Team Directory, by default, only Active, Invited, and Not Invited team members will appear. Use the following Filters to refine the team members that appear on the page if you need to refine your view.

Filter By: Status

  • Active - users who have accepted their invitation to join Monograph and have an active account

  • Invited - users who have been invited to join Monograph but have not accepted the invitation

  • Not Invited - users who have an account in Monograph but have not yet been sent an invitation

  • Inactive - users who have a deactivated Monograph account

Filter By: Permissions

  • All permission levels that exist in Settings

Additionally, you can change the Sort By order of the Team Directory by clicking on the header for any column.

Team Workloads

In addition to the Team Directory, you can view a list of projects that your team is currently assigned to by navigating to the Workload (Projects) and Workload (People) tabs. You can also filter and sort within each tab

Workload (Projects)

Breaks out all projects and the assigned team members for each project.

Workload (People)

Breaks out all team members and the assigned projects for each team member.

Inviting Your Team

To invite a team member to join your company on Monograph, click on + Add Member in the upper right corner.

Next, enter their Name and Email and select the Permission level that the team member should have. Additionally, they can be assigned a Default Role and rate to their profile. This means that if they log time to a project that they haven't been assigned to, their Default Role and associated rate will apply.

If they should be invited at the time that you're creating their account, select Send invite email. If their account is being set up ahead of time and should not yet be invited, leave the option to send an invitation unselected.

Once you click Create, if Send invite email is selected, your team member will receive the invitation to join Monograph and create a password.

🎓 When a team member is added to Monograph, their seat will be billed at that time for the prorated amount of what is remaining in your current subscription.

If you choose to send your team member's invitation at a later time after creating the account, you will be able to do so by clicking on Send invitation under the Onboarding column in the Team Directory. You can also resend the invitation if needed by clicking on Resend invitation.

After a team member has accepted their invitation, if you haven't already added their compensation, you'll see Add compensation under the Onboarding column. If their compensation has already been added, the Onboarding column will show Complete.

Employee Profile Overview

Access a team member's Profile by clicking on their name from the Team Directory. Here, you'll find the information below related to each specific team member.

Basic Information

Your team member's basic contact information, pronouns*, title, and permission level, can be adjusted by clicking on Edit in the upper right corner.

*Team members' pronouns cannot be changed by any users other than themselves.

Default Role

Select your team member's default role and rate, or add a new one from the drop-down menu.


Add your team member's historical, current, and upcoming compensation information to ensure the most accurate reporting.

🎓 For more information on how to add and update Compensation, click here.


See, at a glance, current projects that the team member is assigned to. The project list can be sorted by Project # or Project Name by clicking on the header for each column.

Click Next within the project list to continue through all of the team member's active projects. Click on Show non-active projects to see any assigned projects that aren't currently active.


This graph provides a visual of the distribution of hours that the team member has worked on each project for All Time, the Past Month, or Past Week. Hover over the pie chart for a breakdown of hours, or click on a project from the right side of the screen to go to that project's Overview.


This chart provides a visual of the average assigned hours across projects in the future, giving you insight into your team member's capacity. This will default to show 3 months but click on the dropdown to see up to 2 years.

Deactivating or Deleting a Team Member

Deactivating a team member allows you to remove them from your organization without losing any data, such as project assignments or time logged to projects by that team member. This will also continue to allow their data to be included in reports.

🎓 When a team member is removed from Monograph, a prorated credit will be applied to your account for the seat's unused time that is remaining in your current subscription. This credit will be applied to your billing the next time that a new team member is added, or when the subscription renews - whichever comes first.

To deactivate a team member, click on the three dots to the right of that user's row and then click Deactivate.

If you need to reactivate a previously deactivated user, remove the Status filter to see all users and click on Reactivate under the Onboarding column. You can also click on Reactivate within the three dots.

If you want to fully delete a team member, you can do so by clicking on the three dots next to an Inactive user and then selecting Delete.

🚨 Deleting a team member will completely remove all associated data for that user, such as project assignments or time logged to projects, and it cannot be retrieved.

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