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Customizing Permission Levels

To edit or view Permissions, go to Settings on the main dashboard and then navigate to Permissions. By default, the first user on Monograph is placed into the "Admin" level where they have complete control and edit-ability. From there, you can create unlimited custom permission levels as you see fit.

From the Permissions page, you are able to see the different permissions levels and how many people are assigned to each level. You can also select Show current assigned users to see which individuals are currently at each level. To create a new level, select +New Policy in the upper right and create additional Levels as needed.

If you would like to change the permissions for a level that always exists, from this screen, select the level you would like to change, then select Edit Permissions. From there you will be able to toggle Permissions on and off as needed.

Once you change a toggle, there will be a pop-up ensuring this is the action you want to take. Select that you would like to Enable or Disable to move forward.

Assigning a User's Permission Level

When inviting a team member via the Team option from the main menu, you'll be prompted to select their permission level.

🎓 Learn more about how to invite team members to your organization here.

Editing a User's Permission Level

If you need to change a user's permission level, take the following steps:

1. Click on Team from the main menu

2. Select the name of the user

3. Click on Edit in the top right corner. After selecting Edit, you'll be able to adjust their permissions from the drop-down

Things to Note

  • Every user can log time to their own timesheets.

  • Every user can edit their own profile. 

  • Every user can see who is on the team in the Team Directory.

  • Anyone who is assigned to a project can always see the project. 

  • In order to limit a team member's ability to view any financial information, create a profile that has all toggles off and apply that toggle to their profile.

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