Milestones are checkpoints within a phase that aid in evaluating the health of the project. Each phase can have none or multiple milestones. And each milestone can have multiple tasks.

🎓 Looking for an overview of all of your Projects' milestones? Click here to learn about the Milestones Overview page.

To add a milestone to a phase, follow the steps below:

1. Select Phase and New Milestone
From the main menu click "Projects" and select the specific project you would like to add a milestone to. From the next screen, click "Tasks" on the navigation menu. Select the appropriate phase by clicking on it, then click on the "New Milestone" button that appears below the phase.

2. Fill out Milestone Details

In the Create Milestone box that will appear in the center of your screen, fill the available fields with the required details.

You will find additional details below regarding each of the fields in Create Milestone box.

  • Name: Name of the milestone you are creating

  • Due At: The date by which the task(s) within the milestone must be completed

  • Milestone Description: A description and additional information regarding the milestone

3. Create a Milestone!
Click on the Create Milestone button to finalize creating a milestone or press Cancel to cancel adding a new milestone. 

🚨 If you extend a Phase's end date or move a Phase into the future, any associated Milestones' due dates will adjust based on the Phases' new end date.

Please note that this will only affect Milestones with future due dates. If there is a Milestone with a due date in the past, it will not be adjusted and will need to be manually edited if necessary.

Editing Milestones

To edit a Milestone, follow the steps below:

1. Go to the Tasks tab within the Project

Click on the Phase that includes the Milestone that you'd like to edit. This will expand the Milestones with the specific Phase.

2. Click on the Milestone

Now, your Milestone will appear at the top of the list to the right of the Phases.

3. Click "Edit" to the right of the Milestone

A pop-up window will appear, which will allow you to change the name, due date, and description of the Milestone. Click update once complete.

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