As you enter information into Monograph, the app will begin to reward you by populating dashboards and charts with business insights - use the guide below to identify which type of report you'd like to see.

By Theme

By Use Case

"I would like to see all the time logged by my team to all projects and overhead categories during a period of time."

→ Use Timesheet Export, select date range and download CVS. You can then filter by project, user or activity.

"I would like to review timesheet entries for a specific project."

→ Use Project Time Log, select the date range, group by All Entries, Phase, Activity or Expenses and then filter by People or Phase.

"I would like to review expenses submitted for a specific project."

→ Use Project Expenses, select the date range, then filter by People or Phase.

"I would like to forecast upcoming project revenue across my company for all projects."

→ Use Organizational Forecast to see all upcoming expected earnings from projects.

"I would like to know which types of projects are most profitable vs least profitable for my company."

→ Use Profit Drivers to select your filters and view the profitability of your projects.

"I would like to see how my company's profitability has changed over the past 6 months."

→ Use Planned Profit, select the date range, and then filter by different Project Statuses and Phase Fee Types.

By Profitability Type

Use the following reports depending on what information you're looking for:

Profitability for:

  • Overall Office - Planned Profit Report, select timeframe

  • Per Project - Profit Drivers Report, any grouping

  • Per Phase - Profit Drivers Report, grouped by Phase

  • Per Employee - Profit Drivers Report, grouped by People

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