How to send an invoice from Monograph to QuickBooks Online

Once you have created an invoice, you may send a copy to your QuickBooks Online account (please ensure you have connected your accounts prior by following the instructions above).

When you have finished editing the new invoice, click on "Preview" on the navigation menu. From this page, you may click Send to QuickBooks Online button.

🎓 From the "Preview" page, you may also choose to print your invoice (also use this method to save as PDF) or export it as a CSV file by clicking any of the three buttons below Export.

Please note that Monograph will not automatically send invoices to your QuickBooks Online account. Future changes made to an existing invoice, or new invoices created will require the process detailed above to send to QuickBooks Online.

What items on the Monograph Invoice will carry over to QuickBooks Online:

The following items entered into your Monograph invoice will carry over when sending a copy to QuickBooks Online.

  • Client First + Last Name

  • Client Address (City, State, Zipcode)

  • Client Email Address

  • Invoice Number

  • Issue Date

  • Due Date

  • Terms

  • Type*

  • Description

  • Quantity, Unit Price, Amount

  • Message

*"Type" only appears on invoices using the legacy format. This refers to the Type of line item (Phase, Expense, or Other Item).

For more information about QuickBooks Online or your Chart of Accounts, you may refer directly to the QuickBooks Support page.

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