Understanding how your team is allocated across projects helps you plan for future projects and manage their current effectiveness. 

We currently provide you visibility into your organization's allocation of time per team member via the Team Activity chart. This graph shows the time entered in the team member’s timesheet.

To view the workload of your team, follow the steps below:

1. Select Reports from the main menu, then click on Team from the navigation menu. You will have the option to view the information in detail by either Team Activity or Team Forecast.

  • Team Activity: The workload of the team members across a chosen date range

  • Team Forecast: The time allocated to each of the team members across different projects

2. Choose Team Activity tab, this will generate a chart which you'll be able to filter by dates and share with others by exporting a PNG, PDF, JPG, or SVG.

3: Select the date range you would like to see team activity for and press "Enter".

Hover over each team member's bar to see the total Billable Hours and Percentage. Percentage signifies the utilization rate, or the percentage of work that is spent on billable projects.

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