Within Monograph, you have access to several reporting options depending on the type of data that you'd like to see. This guide will show you how to look at project time log reporting for a single project and all its respective phases.

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Getting to Time Log

Select the specific project you'd like to look into from the Projects tab on the main menu. After selecting the project of your choice, click on the Time Log tab from the navigation menu directly beneath the project name (as pictured below).

Understanding Project Time Log

The Time Log report displays all of the data surrounding time entries entered for this project. It is broken down by employee and can be filtered through to find more granular data.

The numbers at the very top of the page are totals of your Billable Fee, Billable Hours, Non-Billable Hours, Total Hours, and Billable in percentage. Hover over a month on the bar graph to reveal a snapshot of the billable hours, billable fee, non-billable hours, and total overall for that month.

Last, but not least, you can head straight into an employee's timesheet for that week by clicking on the date in their timesheet entry.

Project Time Log Views

From Time Log you can use the various grouping and filters to narrow down the information, as shown below:

All Entries
This will show as the default view reflecting all entries during the selected time period and display the Employee, Date, Note, Role, Rate, Hours, and Value. You can use the Filter by People or Phase to narrow it down further. At the bottom of the chart, we display the running total for Hours and Value.

💡 If a user does not have a role and rate assigned to them on the project, but logs time and is not assigned a default role, we will include the hours they worked here; however we will not be able to display a value until we know the individual's billable hourly rate. You'll need to use the Timesheets Audit to make adjustments.

However, if the individual does have a default role assigned to them, then we will include the value of their work at their default rate.

Filter By

This option will allow you to filter all entries by either People (specific members of your team), Phases of the project, or Activities logged in timesheets. If you wish to select another filter view or remove the current filter view, click on the "X" icon within the filter box as shown below.

Group By

This will group your current data together by Activities or Phases. To restore to the default view and remove grouping and filtering click the Refresh button on your web browser.

Export Time Log

Once you have generated the data and filtered or grouped it accordingly, you may export this information into a CSV format. You may download the information by clicking on the "Export" button located in the upper-right corner.

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