The Project-Specific Overview provides you with a quick glance at a number of different data points for the current project you're viewing.

Gantt Chart

The Gantt Chart is a dynamic view of the project's schedule. Here, you can see a visual of each phase compared to today's date, which is represented by the vertical line.

The larger horizontal bar shows the timeframe for each phase, so that you can compare your progress with each phase's deadlines. The smaller horizontal bar is the Money Gantt, which will fill in as time is logged for each phase. Hover over each milestone to see the details.

Clicking on any of the phases will bring up the Phase Overview for that specific phase.

Assigned Tasks

The Assigned tasks list gives an overview of any upcoming tasks that are assigned to you for the project. Click on a task to go to the main view, where you can add comments or mark the task Complete (varies based on permission levels).

Learn more about adding tasks here.

Project Progress

The Project Progress provides a visual of the project's fees that have been logged to each phase in relation to each phase's budget.

You can also choose a specific phase from the drop-down menu to see what hours and fees and been logged by role for that phase in comparison to the budget that has been allocated to each role.

Project Details

View the key details of your project in one spot. This includes the duration of the project, any categories that you've applied, the total fee and project budget, and any notes that have been added to the general project information.

Learn more about how to create a project here.


A view of any team members who have been assigned to the project within the Project Planner. The bars to the right of each name represent the hours that they've worked in the past 7 days. Mid-sized bars represent days where the team member worked ~8-hour days, whereas smaller bars represent less than 8 hours and larger represent more than 8 hours.

Click on a team member's name to open their Employee Profile.

Project Shareable Link

The Project Sharable Link allows you to share your project Gantt Chart with teammates and clients outside of Monograph. This dynamic chart can be turned on and off by using the Sharing toggle - once it's disabled, it's no longer accessible via the link.

Please note that the Shareable Gantt Chart will not include any financial information - only the schedule and milestones for each phase.

Learn more about sharing the Project Sharable Link here.

Phase Overview

Clicking on a phase from the Gantt Chart will open the Phase Overview for that specific phase. This contains all of the same information as the Project Overview (with the exception of the Shareable Gantt Chart), but is an overview of that particular phase.

If you need to change the status of a phase, click on the status button in the upper right corner. This will default to Active.

🎓 Looking for information on the Projects Overview page? Click here to learn more.

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