The Projects Overview page provides a quick visual of your firm's projects and allows you to filter and sort as needed to show the projects that are most important to you.

Depending on a user's permission levels, they will have the ability to create a project by clicking on New Project in the upper right corner.

There are a few additional tabs related to Projects at the top of the page. Please refer to the following links to learn more about each page.

Projects Overview

Projects Gantt Chart

The Gantt Chart is a dynamic view of all of your project's schedules. This provides a visual of each project's phases compared to today's date, which is represented by the vertical line.

The larger horizontal bar shows the flattened timeframe for each phase, so that you can compare your progress with each phase's deadlines. The smaller horizontal bar is the Money Gantt, which will fill in as time is logged for each phase. Hover over each milestone to see the details.

Clicking on any of the specific projects will open the Project-Specific Overview page for that project.

Sorting & Filters

Different sorting preferences and filters can be applied to narrow down the projects that appear on the Projects Page. The changes made to one team member's view will not affect other team members' views.

Sorting Options

Whichever sorting preference is selected will save so that projects automatically appear in the same order going forward.

  • Alphabetical (A-Z)

  • Alphabetical (Z-A)

  • Project Number (Ascending)

  • Project Number (Descending)

  • Oldest to Newest

  • Newest to Oldest

Filter Options

If no filters are added, all projects will appear by default based on a user's "Can view" permissions. If any filters are applied, the view will differ depending on the selection.

  • Status - Proposed, Active, Paused, Completed, Canceled

    • Will show projects that have the selected status

  • Assignment - Assigned to You, Not Assigned to You

    • Will show projects that are assigned to you or not assigned to you

    • If a user's permissions do not include "Can view all projects", they will not see this filter as they will only have the option to view projects that are assigned to them.

  • Category - choose from any of the categories that have been added

    • Will show projects that have the selected categories associated with them

  • Active Phase Type - choose from any of the phases that have been added

    • Will show projects that are active in the selected phase type as of today's date

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